Eric: Adam, I'm sorry.
Adam: Stop apologizing.
Eric: Can we walk home together?
Adam: Yeah.

I heard about a man who got trapped under a vending machine, and he died.


Otis: You look amazing. Uncle Eric.
Eric: Thank you.

Maeve: Okay, cool. Wish me luck.
Otis: Okay.

Otis: So, this is goodbye.
Maeve: No. It's see you soon.

Erin: What you doing here?
Maeve: Should ask you the same question.

Maeve: Hi, Aimee, have you got a sec?
Aimee: Thought we weren't talking?
Maeve: I've been an absolute arse.
Aimee: Me, too. Steve, hold the cakes.

Ola: Hey.
Otis: Hey.
Ola: I'm worried about Lily. She hasn't spoken to me since everything that happened. Could you go talk to her, please?
Otis: I'm not a therapist, Ola.
Ola: I know, but she told me about how much you helped her with the vaginismus stuff.

Jean: Yeah?
Jakob: Got to find my jacket.
Jean: We have our session with Dr. Cutten later today.
Jakob: I'll think about it. Good luck with your TV interview.

Doctor: Everything looks normal. You don't want to know the sex. Have you changed your mind?
Jean: No thanks. I'd rather wait.
Doctor: Many older mothers make that choice. They want to focus on getting through the pregnancy safely. Now, you are aware there's a higher chance of miscarriage, genetic abnormalities, fetal growth --
Jean: Yes, I've been reminded of the risks many times. Thank you. I didn't go into this lightly.
Doctor: Yes, modern science is allowing women like yourself to have babies older and older now.
Jean: You don't sound as if you approve.
Doctor: Well, it's easy to forget that being an elderly parent can have a negative impact on your children's lives.
Jean: Do you have children, doctor?
Doctor: Yes, two.
Jean: And do you think having a kingsize arsehole for a father had a negative impact on their lives, too? I want to talk to your superior.

Kyle: I really liked AImee, you know?
Steve: Oh, really?
Kyle: She was really nice and a total fuck machine. You're a really lucky guy.
Steve: That was so inappropriate.

Adam: I, uh, didn't steal your boyfriend.
Rahim: That's exactly what you did.

Sex Education Quotes

Boy: They're not still going on about Sex School, are they?
Maeve: Mm. It's as if no one in this town's had sex before.

Host: She wrote this book in response to working on campus at Moordale Secondary, which got some pretty bad press recently following a chlamydia outbreak, and the performance of a so-called Sex Musical. So, Dr. Milburn, tell us about the book.
Jean: Well, I was shocked at the ineptitude of the SRE curriculum in schools, and so I created this easy to read manual to help empower our teenagers, and their parents, as they become sexually active young adults.
Host: Sounds a bit racy.
Jean: Well, if by racy, you mean highly researched and completely essential to the health and wellbeing of our children, then, yes, I suppose it is.