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Harlee leaves the ADA Nava’s bed as his ex-fiancee, Caroline calls. Stahl insists they meet so he can pick up the recording. He says if she gives him something solid she won’t have to wear a wire. 

Harlee sees an armed robbery at a bodega on the way home and stops it. 

Loman is overwhelmed with guilt over the man he shot and steps onto the railing of a bridge. The police stop him but he claims he dropped his phone while trying to take a picture. Loman claims he was going to ditch his gun. Stuart swaps guns with him. He calls his the luckiest gun in the department because it’s never been fired. 

Loman goes to his victim’s funeral. He plans to confess to everyone. His fellow officers have to drag him out before he can. It almost causes a riot. Harlee has to tell her team that she covered for Loman.

Worried that Loman is either suicidal or will confess all and bring Harlee down with him, Tufo comes up with a plan. They bring Loman somewhere and give him a gun. Tell him if he’s going to do this, he can take himself down but not Harlee. When he fights them they figure he wants to live. 

Loman talks to Woz about what it takes to be a good cop. Later he decides to lie and claim a woman called for help even though she didn’t because they know their suspect is inside beating her. 

Later, Loman visits his victim’s family. He brings the boy and iPad and laments the evils of the police with the woman he likes.  

Woz hooks up with a guy he meets at a bar. When he leaves, he gets into a car accident when he swerves to miss a stray dog. 

Harlee visits Woz in the hospital. He admits that the rat is really messing with his head and he’s sorry for suspecting her. He asks her to pick up an empty van and move it for him. Harlee tells Stahl about the van. It appears empty at first, until she finds counting machines and explosives and calls Woz asking what he’s gotten them into. He claims he didn’t know anything was going to be in the van.

Stahl and Agent Chen come to Harlee and the van. They find the false bottom but it’s empty because Harlee moved everything. Stahl calls her out on it, accusing her of protecting Woz and makes her open the trunk of her car. It’s empty. She stashed the stuff in a dumpster which she later retrieves and gives to Woz. When she questions what he’s gotten them into, he claims it’s for Cristina’s and all of their futures. 

Woz meets with Donnie and hits him because he was told this deal was only about pick up, delivery and security, not explosives. 

Stahl figures out that Woz has rented a storage unit in his deceased daughter’s name. The combination on the lock is her birthday. They find the explosives and counting machines inside. 

ADA  Nava shows up at Harlee’s and returns her bakeware. He tells her that Zepeda’s hearing is in ten days. 

When Amber threatens to press charges against Tess for hitting her with the bottle, Tess must apologize to her. Tess realizes that her marriage is over. She and her partner kiss.

Woz goes back to the alley behind the bar to feed the stray dog. 

Shades of Blue
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Shades of Blue Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

You explain that crazy ass move. Suicide by angry, black mourners?


Stahl: Your own personal guardian angel.
Harlee: Is that what stalkers are calling themselves these days.