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Clary chases Jace to the top of a roof. They fight each other, but he grabs her by the throat and throws her off a building. She falls on the roof of a car.

Maia visits Simon and sees Kyle sitting at the table. Kyle is actually Jordan Kyle, her ex-boyfriend and the person who turned her into a werewolf.

Clary calls Simon for help; she's bleeding heavily and can't move. He helps her return to full strength.

Magnus confirms that the demon is Lilith, the queen of Edom. Clary reveals to the group that Jace had died in his fight with Valentine and she used the wish from Raziel to bring him back. She also reveals Ithurial was murdered by Lilith.

Alec doesn't send Clary to the Guard.

Luke tells Sam to go into hiding. Ollie visits Lilith and the chapel to offer up her blood for the ritual; Sam had sacrificed her mother. With the blood, Jonathan is now nourished.

Isabelle knew of a weapon created by Malakai that could trap creatures. The item is in Alicante and the group plans to visit there to get it.

Alec and Magnus find peace with each other; they apologize for the words they said to each other.

Maia needs some space away from Simon. A flashback reveals how Maia and Jordan met on the beach.

Lilith sends Jace on a mission to Alicante to bring back the flesh of Valentine.

Alec, Izzy and Clary visit Imogen to get the Malakai Configuration to help heal Jace.

A flashback reveals Maia and Jordan saying "I love you" to each other. It's also revealed Maia had a brother who died.

Alec tries to distract Consul Penhallow while the others go to get the weapon.

Magnus and Katarina work on a potion to reverse the love curse.

Luke reveals to Simon he originally called the Praetor Lupus for help. A flashback shows Jordan after his werewolf attack; he gets mad at Maia for choosing to go to university instead of leaving to Fiji.

Izzy and Clary get the Malakai Configuration.

Jace visits Imogen and stabs her with a blade; he chops off her thumb. With her dying breath, she sends a warning to Alec.

Simon and Luke visit Lilith's compound to investigate Ollie's lead. Luke tries to convince Ollie to come with him but she refuses. Two corrupted men try to attack Simon, but the mark knocks them back and they dissolve into dust. Lilith screams out in pain.

Jace gets trapped in the Configuration. Clary opens a portal and sends them all away before the Clave captures her.

A flashback reveals Jordan's transformation into a werewolf. He scratched Maia's throat and then took off running.

Jordan apologizes to Maia about what happened, but she can't give her forgiveness easily. She tells him that he can't quit protecting Simon.

Ollie tells Lilith that Simon killed her followers.

While Jace threatens the others, Clary is being led to the prison in Alicante.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Alec: Magnus, Lilith would’ve gotten to him with or without you. You can’t put this all on yourself.
Magnus: I will fix it. I will use the last drop of my power if it’s the death of me.
[They hug]
Magnus: Thank you.
Alec: About our fight.
Magnus: Alexander...
Alec: No, I was wrong. I said things I shouldn’t have.
Magnus: As did I. But that’s not important right now. What’s important is saving your parabathai.

Clary: Jace, this isn’t you!
[He lifts her over the edge of a roof]
Clary: Jace, I know you’re still in there. I know you won’t kill me. Jace, I love you.
[He pulls her close]
Jace: I don’t love you. Not anymore.
[He throws her off a roof and she falls on a car]