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Heidi touches up her makeup while she has a victim hanging upside. The victim's blood drips down into a pot.

Kyle and Simon test out the Daylighter mark; it knocks back Jordan. He refuses to hang out with Simon and Maia.

Heidi visits Simon and tells him that he is her sire. She had his blood on her lips when she died. He refuses to be her sire and take care of her. She thinks they belong together.

Alec and Magnus bicker at the breakfast table about the immortality issue. Alec leaves and asks Izzy for help, but she doesn't have an answer.

The New York Institute refuses to let Maryse inside after being ex-communicated. However, Alec decrees that she is allowed in.

Thirty-two Mundanes have been infected by the owl demon. Lilith orders Jace to find the last virtuous person to become a follower. She kisses him and infects him with a strange light.

Simon tells Maia about Heidi being resurrected. She supports him and tells him that he should help Heidi.

Maryse is feeling lost after being de-runed. Isabelle asks Maryse to come out to dinner with her and Alec. Maryse encourages Izzy to invite Dr. Charlie out to dinner with them.

Jace is hunting down his last victim, but he gets interrupted by Alec. They go back to the Institute and he acts weird around Clary.

Simon visits a basement thinking Raphael would be there. However, Heidi catfishes him into coming. It's revealed that Raphael brought her back to test if Simon's blood caused the Daylighter change.

Clary visits Magnus to show him a sketch of the demon that attacked her. He checks her signature; the energy radiating off her chest is the same energy from the demon who attacked the laylines.

Simon wants to protect Maia and put her in hiding. He's sure that Heidi will come to kill her.

Alec, Jace, Isabelle and Maryse have dinner at Hunter's Moon. Dr. Charlie radiates with pure good energy; Jace sees him as the next target. Magnus texts Alec to say that he's not coming to dinner.

Luke comforts Maryse after being de-runed.

Magnus and Clary are gifted with records about forgotten demons by a Silent Brother. The Silent Brother informs them that Jace never went for treatment.

A cute shadowhunter helps Alec leave Hunter's Moon after he gets drunk.

Heidi tries to kill Izzy, but before Izzy stakes her, Simon steps in. Simon promises to train her.

Ollie comes to Hunter's Moon to tell Luke about some of the missing people. Jace notices the yellow glow and follows her out of the bar.

The Praetor Lupus surprise Heidi and Simon in the basement. They take her in with the purpose of rehabilitating her.

Magnus and Clary make the connection betweem Lilith and the owl demon.

The owl demon infects Ollie. They learn that Jace is the demon before he and Ollie take off.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Simon: Heidi?! I thought you were dead.
Heidi: Yeah, not anymore. Thanks to you, Sire.
[She lips her vampire fangs]
Simon: How is that even possible?
Heidi: We both got a little carried away that night. That douche Quinn might’ve killed me, but I died with your blood on my lips.
[He steps away and walks back]
Simon: How did you come back?
Heidi: Raphael dug me up, but you’re the one that gave me life. And now we’re bonded...forever.

I know you’re in there, Jace Herondale. I know you’re suffering. When I’m done using you, you’ll return to find your friends dead and your world on fire. Burning at the hands of the son you so carelessly took from me. And when you scream and beg for death, I will smile. Now kiss me, you will need your energy.