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Lilith goes to Magnus to get a potion that erases love. He warns against it, but she makes up a story to convince him.

Jace thinks he needs to visit the Silent Brothers to determine if he has a mental illness.

Alec thinks it would be a good idea to move in with Magnus. Magnus thinks they're rushing too fast and to decide that well into the future, since they've only been dating for two months.

Someone pretended to be Simon's manager and canceled his gig at a bar.

Izzy agrees to go out with Dr. Charlie.

Clary comes clean to Luke that she used the angel's wish to bring Jace back from the dead. She needs Luke's help to chat with Cleaophus and contact the angels.

Lilith conjures a hell demon to grab a sliver of Clary's soul.

Jace confirms that none of the werewolves from Luke's pack canceled Simon's gig.

Alec looks into Magnus's box and discovers trinkets of past loves.

Jace and Simon break into Kyle's room. It's revealed that Kyle is a werewolf and he was the one who canceled his gig. Kyle is part of the Praetor Lupus, a group of werewolves sent to step into special Downworlder cases and protect people. Simon plans to leave the apartment.

A fellow Shadowhunter thanks Alec for paving the way in the Institute to come out.

Cleophus is unable to talk with any of the angels. However, she thinks Clary would be able to summon him; it could potentially be dangerous.

Isabelle's date with Charlie goes really well, but as they're about to grab another drink, her wrist bracelt warns of a demon. She battles the demon in the alley and defeats it. Lilith goes to finish the job herself.

Cleophus shows Clary how to channel the angels. She reaches them and is left to speak with them alone.

Magnus knows that Alec looked in his box. He reveals that George was someone he dated over a century ago and the items in the box were items from past lovers he outlived. The two get into an argument.

Charlie repairs Izzy's wounds on her forehead. She gives him a kiss as a thank you.

Clary speaks with Ithuriel and he confirms that his resurrection isn't what's affecting Jace. Before he's able to reveal the name, Lilith rips out his heart and kills him. The demon Lilith steals a bit of her soul.

Simon forgives Kyle for lying, but he forces him to adapt to his rules so that he can live his life.

Jace decides he's going to the Silent City for treatment.

During Simon's show, Lilith slips the potion into Jace's drink; the affects start to take hold.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Jace: I’m thinking of going to the City of Bones for treatment.
Clary: The Silent brothers?
Jace: They have a history of helping shadowhunters with mental health issues.
Clary: Jace, we don’t know that’s what you’re going through.
Jace: There’s a family history.
Clary: But you didn’t start feeling this way until after you were brought back. Do you really think that’s a coincidence?
Jace: I think it was a trigger for something that’s always been there. Look, I can’t sit benched and do nothing. If there’s even a chance that the Silent Brothers can even help then that’s...
Clary: But what if they can’t? Jace, the Clave would deem you unfit for duty. You’d be de-runed.
Jace: And what choice do I have? I can’t live like this.

Isabelle: Can I borrow a dress? I need something Mundane to wear.
Clary: Going undercover?
Isabelle: Something like that.
Clary: Izzy, is there something going on?
Isabelle: Ugh, I’m going out tonight...with the doctor.
Clary: Tell me everything!
Isabelle: It’s just dinner. I’m only doing it so he can leave me alone.
Clary: Well, then why go out with him at all?
Isabelle: You’re right. I should cancel.