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Jace visits Lilith in her home and informs her that Morgan was captured by the Shadowhunters. She slaps him and tells him the story of how Jonathan was born/given to her.

Jace enters a trance to bring back Morgan from the Institute. Clary wakes him up from his compulsion. Clary wants to seek help for Jace, but he refuses.

Izzy confirms that Morgan's possession has taken full hold; she wants to kill her twin sister. The possession has made her a full demon.

Maia confronts Luke about kicking Simon out of the boatyard.

Heidi robs a blood donation truck and drains the blood of the attendant.

Simon is looking for a new apartment and accidentally causes a guy to crash his bike. He gives Kyle a ride.

Alec sends Clary and Izzy on a mission to check out the rogue vampire. He confronts her about his parabathai rune that disappeared during the battle at the lake.

Simon loves Kyle's apartment; Kyle is looking for a roommate. Simon has to reject since he's a vampire.

Alec is worried about Jace. He informs Jace that his mother had a history of mental illness and it could be hereditary.

Izzy and Clary find a cloth belonging to the blood doctor. They confirm he has been killed.

Luke tells Jace about his mother's past with mental illness.

Heidi visits Simon's home at the boat yard. As she looks around the place, Raphael appears and tries to stake her, but she disarms him and tranquilizes him.

Alec is worried about Jace. Magnus offers to do a spell and examine Morgan himself.

Izzy knows she and Raphael fit together since they were more than sex. But the blood and drug habits would be too much. Clary's tracking magic starts working.

Heidi chains Raphael to the roof of a building. She shares a bit about her past and that Raphael used her as a guinea pig. The sun is almost set to rise.

Lilith puts Jace back under her spell. Lilith was the one who has been sending Jace visions of him and Jonathan killing Clary. She orders him to kill Clary.

Raphael's experiments on Heidi were to find out how to let vampires walk out in the sun. Heidi turned the attendant into a vampire.

Izzy and Clary slay the blood doctor attendant. They save Raphael from burning in the sun; he doesn't tell them Heidi's identity.

The backup systems at the Institute shut down. The Owl Demon performs a spell that knocks out demon Morgan. Later on, Magnus, Alec and Clary investigate Morgan's body; she's been cured of any demon possession.

Izzy catches Raphael trying to clean up Heidi's hiding spot. She won't report his crimes to Clave unless he leaves the city.

Kyle is revealed to contact of Luke and a fellow werewolf. Kyle says that Simon belongs to the Praetor Lupus.

Jace can't remember what happened to him since the Jade Wolf. He thinks he's losing his mind.

Lilith goes to visit Magnus since she has a complicated problem to resolve.

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Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Heidi: When you told me that story about how you stole my body from the hospital morgue to resurrect me, first time in my life I felt so lucky. And then I realized that you just brought me back here to be your guinea pig.
Raphael: I’m sorry. I know it was wrong.
Heidi: It’s okay. As my step-mom always said, “Even scum get their day in the sun.”
[She giggles as the sun starts appearing]

Lilith: For such an ugly and despicable species, they do make beautiful things. Where’s the girl?
Jace: Right as I finished, the Shadowhunters...they fought me off, took her with them.
[The flowers wilt as she gets angry]
Lilith: How could you let that happen?
Jace: I was overpowered.
[She slaps him]
Lilith: If they identify her possession, they will be able to track me. They will try and stop Jonathan’s resurrection before it even begins.
Jace: I will not let that happen.
Lilith: No, you won’t. Nothing will stop me from bringing my son back.