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Frank and Bianca go to the liquor store, where Bianca purchases a bottle of whiskey for $10,000. Later, when they get back to Bianca's apartment they see her family and realize they are planning an intervention. They escape to the roof where they walk along the edge and Frank almost falls over. 

While walking alone the train tracks, Bianca asks Frank to sleep with her. As the two have sex on the tracks, a train comes and they narrowly escape, prompting Frank to lay into Bianca for her reckless behavior. 

After buying crack, the two smoke and hook up at the Gallagher house. In the morning, Bianca's family shows up, after being alerted by Frank. Bianca flees, but Frank catches up to her and the two head for Costa Rica. 

The family goes to visit Ian at the military prison and they learn there may be jail time for him. The family pleads with the officer, detailing Ian's deteriorating mental state. Ian later calls Monica who visits him. 

Ian is later released into Monica's custody, unbeknownst to the family. 

Hoping to get revenge on Sammi, Mickey and Debbie come up with a plan, however, after Mickey drugs Sammi, they realize she has died. They put her body into a moving crate. 

Sean continues to be a friend to Sean and after driving her back from the visit with Ian, the two head to the diner where they eat and dance. Both admit they have feelings for one another. 

Lip and Helene continue sleeping with one another and Helene brings Lip to a party located at a renovated house in his neighborhood. 

After a pip bursts at The Alibi, V and Kev hash out their differences and admit to their infidelities. They make up and proceed to have sex on the pool table. 

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Family sucks ass!


Bianca: I'm not gonna be alive to pay off my credit card, what does it matter?
Frank: Such wisdom for one so young.