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Bianca wakes up to Frank at her house and promptly kicks him out. After seeking advice at The Alibi about what to do in regards to his genuine concern for Bianca, he goes to her and vows to help her deal with her illness. He promises never to encourage her to get chemotherapy or tell her to fight and in turn she agrees to hang out with him.

Lip, Helene and her husband talk about their odd arrangement the morning after their tryst. Later, Lip chooses Helene over hanging out with Amanda. However, things don't work out that way when some of his residents exhibit odd behavior after smoking a potent marijuana blend they received from Kev.

After one student jumps out of a window and breaks his leg, Lip takes him to Helene's hoping her husband will help. Helene calls the ambulance but allows Lip to get away first so he won't get in trouble.

After the marijuana debacle, Lip urges Kev to return home and make up with V. 

Debbie and Derek decide to go all the way and Debbie asks Fiona to take her to get birth control. 

Fiona and Gus arrange a skype date, but Gus is a no show for their scheduled time. Later, she goes to Sean as he says goodbye to his son and ignores Gus's call. While at a bar talking, Sean gets into a fight with another patron. As they sit on the sidewalk talking afterwards, the two share a chaste kiss. 

Ian struggles to cope with his medication regime and while at work he places his hand on a hot stove as a means to feel pain. He later confides in Sammi about going AWOL from the Army. After returning home from an outing with Mickey, Sammi informs them that she called the Army and Ian is detained. 

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

No, just mentally ill.

Ian [to Sammi]

V: I want the old Kev back. The one who looked at me like the world stopped spinning.
Fiona: He's there. He's just preoccupied.