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Fiona and boss Sean build a pool in the Gallagher yard. Later at work, a frequent customer and rocker asks her out. She is also visited by customer Angela, who we saw last season in a car with Jimmy/Steve. 

Lip says goodbye to Amanda for the summer and comes home. He then gets a construction job to make extra money. 

Mickey poses as a furniture mover, then sells the truck to prospective buyers, while he and Ian continue their relationship. Ian is helping to look after Mickey and Svetlana's baby, but he's struggling with his disorder and refuses to acknowledge it. 

Kev and V argue over breastfeeding, as V keeps getting bitten by the girls and wants to switch to formula. Kev is against the decision and he joins a chat room to get more information and talk to other  mothers. 

Sami and Chucky continue to come over to Sheila's house and she screams at Sami and tells her to get over her daddy issues. She also helps Frank and makes sure that he is taking his medication on time. 

Unbeknownst to Sheila and anyone else, Frank has been working on a beer machine that will make 130 proof beer, so he can drink one beer a day. And after drinking his glass of beer, he passes out on a picnic bench. 

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Shameless Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Sheila: How are your headaches?
Frank: You can't feel a persons headache by touching his head.

V: I'm done. The milk bar is closed. We can go to formula.
Kev: No, no, no, no. Absolutely not. We are not doing formula. They will grow up with asthma and be short and have no friends.