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Three men showed up in Patsy's in the dead of night, and act strangely with Fiona. 

Just when it seems like they're about to do something, a staff member shows up, and they quickly depart.

Fiona wakes up the next morning to staff members in the cafe and she rushes home. 

She throws out the vodka, cleans herself up, and returns to work. 

Margo shows up and says she's received numerous complaints and is firing her. 

Fiona falls apart, and starts drinking again. She follows this up by punching a woman who was racist to Liam, and getting arrested. 

Frank makes a friend while fighting to win the title and all the money, but the man turns out to be his worst enemy. 

Ingrid's ex-husband shows up and urges her to get back together with him and they can have the children. 

Ingrid thinks about it, but continues to spiral out of control. 

Debbie gets trapped under the house with gas leaking from the boiler. 

Santiago goes home with his family members when his father is deported, leaving Kev distraught. 

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 10 Quotes

Frank: That's the way we're going to play this thing?
Mickey: All's fair in love and hobo wars.

They're looking for someone with no purpose in life. I've finally found my calling.