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Frank continued to make a play for Mo White, and he went door-to-door to try and raise his profile. 

However, he later learns that Mo slept with a 15-year-old and that he's not allowed to be anywhere near to local schools. 

Kev and V are shocked to learn that the bar has been named "most rapiest" in town and set out to find a way to fix things. 

But they want to make sure none of their clientele makes customers unhappy. 

V goes back to her dominatrix days to help Carl get into Westpoint, she turns to an old congressman who apparently owed her a favor. 

Fiona had a business meeting in a hotel bar, and Ford got jealous. They had their first big argument, but he later tried to make it up to her by waiting in bed naked. 

Debbie got closer to the person posing as a male in the workplace -- so close that they made out in the toiler. 

Ian tried to tell her she was not gay or bisexual and that she was being a drama Queen. 

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Shameless Season 9 Episode 3 Quotes

Kev: They made a list of rapiest bars and The Alibi’s number one?
V: They even pay black prostitutes with big boobs. I’m gonna kill that bitch.

Man: You’re sure this isn’t about the money?
Frank: Of course it’s about the money.