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Bob Lee and Julie meet up at a secret location to reconnect.

Bob Lee decides that he has to find the bullet used in the assassination. He figures out that it's in the police car.

He retrieves it and figures out that it's covered in a special compound that allows it to go through steel and other surfaces without being damaged.  After meeting with Nadine and using her contact from ATF he is able to link it to a militia group, Tree of Liberty.

He heads to the militia location that is run by an acquaintance of his. The leader's brother Joey is suspicious of Bob Lee's intentions.

He finds out that they aren't responsible for the bullet but he discovers that they have explosives and are planning something. He tips off the ATF. Isaac shows up on his own trying to take care of Bob Lee.

Bob Lee proposes that they tie him up and see who can hit him from a mile away. It buys time until ATF shows up.

A shootout happens and the militia blames Bob Lee. Bob Lee tells Joey to escape but before he does he tells Bob Lee who could be responsible for the bullet.

Payne taunts Nadine, leaving her flowers at the bureau and on the bodies of the men he killed. He comes after her in a parking garage. 

Julie exposes Payne to the media. It jeopardizes Nadine's job but Payne turns himself in.

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Shooter Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Isaac: How much does Memphis know?
Payne: She's got bits and pieces.
Isaac: And now she's got me.

Julie: Please remember, you're supposed to be dead.
Bob Lee: I know. I'll be careful.