Isaac Johnson - Shooter
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Gregson is annoyed that Isaac used her name to get out of trouble. She wipes his ID clean and reminds him that if he had taken her up on her initial offer to work together, his wife may not have died. She discusses the Golden Crescent and the people coming after him and his unit. 

Bob Lee and Dobbs meet Isaac at a church after receiving word from him. Things get heated and Isaac tells Bob Lee about Lin and warns them about someone coming after them over the drug bust. 

A man follows Isaac and tries to kill him and run him off the road. Isaac, Bob Lee, and Dobbs work together to stop the man. They capture him and Isaac tortures hmk to get information. When he decides that the information isn't enough, he kills him. 

They use the man's phone to text Soltov. They meet another henchman at a diner. The henchman doesn't give them much information. He holds a waitress hostage and Bob Lee shoots him. 

Bob Lee tells Julie the truth about what's going on. She's upset. 

Dobbs and Bob Lee plan to meet the following day and continue investigating. Dobbs wants to play it more safe. He leaves to spend time with his family. He is tailed by someone. He gets out the truck to fake a flat tire and get a better luck, but he's shot and killed by Solotov. 

Nadine looks into the reporter who uncovered the drug bust cover up. She uses Gregson's name to gain more information and later on Gregson confronts her about it. 

Three months ago, Soltov was living in Spain when someone came to kill him. His boss, Hayes, was mad that he didn't take out Bob Lee's unit in Afghanistan. He kills the guy and meets up with Hayes who gives him a deadline to kill Bob Lee and his unit. 

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Shooter Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Do what you gotta do, just don't make the mistake of speaking my name ever again.


I thought the days of losing my brothers were over. I just wish I knew what happened.

Bob Lee