Attack Against Marines - Shooter
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In a flashback, Bob Lee and his unit are on a raid and find a few million dollars worth of heroin in a family's house. Some of Bob Lee's fellow soldiers adjust to Sergeant Tio coming on board. 

The unit tries to figure out where the drugs came from and who is responsible for them. They know that people are coming for them, so they set up posts at the house to fend off those coming after the family for the drugs.They ask the son, Waheed, where the drugs came from and threaten to take him and his mother in. He tells them that he doesn't know why they're acting the way that they are acting because the drugs belong to the US.

Isaac realizes that Meachum and the CIA are behind the drugs, and Meachum was the one who sent Bob Lee's unit there to presumably take out his own dealer. They don't know what to do because they burned all of the drugs and it belonged to the US Government. 

In the present Solotov is working for Waheed. He's the one who bankrolled the operation to have Bob Lee and his unit killed. He's pissed that the Turkish men he hired died for nothing since most of the unit got away alive.

Bob Lee, Tio, and Dobbs black bag the consulate to figure out more about who is responsible for the attack at the event. They find out something about the Golden Crescent. Nadine stops their operation and calls them off. She's still not convinced it's something other than a terrorist attack.

She attempts to send them home. She heads to Bob Lee's hotel room and finds Solotov impersonating a German law enforcement. She asks him anything about the Golden Cresent and he tells her about a location. She sends Bob Lee there.

Bob Lee finds everyone dead and Waheed half dead with a bomb strapped to his chest. The building blows up. It was a trap. 

Tio takes off for safety, their fallen friends are being sent to their families, and Bob Lee and Dobbs vow to go after the person responsible. 

Isaac and Lin try to leave the country. Someone goes after him when he stops in a gym for a bag with his passports and information. They fight and he ends up shooting the guy. When he comes back to the car, Lin has been killed. He has to leave her there and keep going. He's caught at customs and is told he's on Interpol's list. He asks for Gregson.

Julie continues to flash back to the explosion. She has mood swings that startle Mary. She is struggling with PTSD.

Solotov has someone drive him across the Mexican/US border. He kills most of the witnesses excluding his driver. He's in Texas now and potentially heading for the Swagger house.

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Shooter Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Suicide bombers from Malta. Yeah, I'm waving the bullshit flag on that one.


Soldier: Hey Capt, you gotta see this.
Isaac: Hot damn.
Bob Lee: That's a lot of dope.