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Some of Bob Lee's unit has to transport Waheed's mother to safer compounds, which includes them getting escorted by the UN. An unknown medic accompanies them, and it's Solotov in disguise. While escorting her, they end up ambushed, and Solotov has a hand in it.

Solotov is hiding out in a trailer.

While the ambush is taking place and everyone is busy, Solotov kills Waheed's mother. Donnie notices that something isn't right and calls him out on it. The others dismiss it at first, but later on, Isaac admits that he knows Donnie is telling the truth. He just doesn't know what to think of it because of what they're dealing with, and he doesn't know what will happen if he files a report and says the truth.

Bob Lee meets with the Sheriff and is directed to a Mexican gang. One of their members was the one responsible for transporting Solotov to the states and shooting at Dobbs before getting killed. 

Julie finds out that Isaac is around and that Bob Lee is looking into Dobbs murder.

Isaac is antagonistic with the gangbangers and is goading them into shooting him. Bob Lee has to shoot at some of them to cover Isaac's back. Bob Lee calls Isaac out on being reckless and behaving like he has nothing to live for. 

They head to Solotov's trailer and stake it out. When they realize he is actually in the trailer, they engage in a shootout. Solotov's bomb that he was making is still in the trailer, and when he escapes, it blows up. 

Bob Lee and Solotov have a fist fight but Solotov gets away after Bob Lee breaks his arm. 

Estella, the housekeeper, and nanny try to get Julie to open up about her trauma, but she refuses and says in their family they don't do PTSD. Later on, Julie heads to the shooting range, where she apparently goes weekly. She then talks with the priest. 

Nadine's boyfriend Harris leaves her a letter breaking up with her. 

She meets up with the reporter, Jeffery. She finds out about his sources and looks into Waheed coming to America and the company he works for. She ties him to Gravity Metals. When she goes there to ask questions the guy, Toby, tells her she needs a warrant, but when she returns, everything is gone. 

Isaac loses control and has tunnel vision while trying to shoot at Solotov. Bob Lee has to shoot him in his Kevlar to keep him from hurting anyone. Solotov is in a motel. He calls someone and tells them he's sticking around longer. 

When Bob Lee returns home, Julie is there with Nadine. Bob Lee and Isaac figure out with the help of Nadine's information that Solotov is the medic from their mission, and Nadine realizes that he's the guy who posed as German police. They know he's the one coming after them and vaguely know why he's coming for them, but don't know why he's coming now. 


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Shooter Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

What the hell is he doing here?


Julie: Is it even safe for her to go to school?
Bob Lee: Yes, absolutely.