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Bob Lee and Julie have relocated to Texas and have been trying to lay low for the past year. Julie is dealing with PTSD, and she isn't fond of Bob Lee getting too involved in anything that reminds her of what they have gone through. 

Bob Lee is called to Germany to an awards ceremony for someone in his unit. At the ceremony, people dressed as the German police come in with wired bombs attached to them and start shooting up the place. A few of Bob Lee's friends are shot. 

When Bob Lee seeks cover with Julie in one of the rooms, one of his old combat buddies is shot by a sniper. Bob Lee also discovers that the gunmen are wired and that a twitch makes them explode, but explosions happen anyway. 

The event is chalked up to a terrorist attack, but Bob Lee knows better. 

Solotov is the sniper who seduced a woman at a bar to get into her home and then used her apartment to set up base. When she discovers what he has done, he shoots her. Bob Lee and one of his buddies are able to figure out where the sniper was and find the woman's body.

Nadine is on desk duty and stationed in DC after being blackballed for her part in clearing Bob Lee's name. She has a new boyfriend who is a DC Staffer. 

Gregson tracks her down and tries to get her to join her organization because she knows that she isn't fulfilled sitting behind a desk.

Julie contacts Nadine after the shootout and explosion. She tries to enlist her help. Nadine tries to put in for a transfer so she can help, but her new boss denies it.

Isaac is living in Thailand with his wife. He is attacked while at the market and another shootout occurs. His wife, Jin is shot, but she tells him to leave her there and get going because they have figured out that the people are after Isaac.

Bob Lee figures out that someone is coming after everyone in their unit and that they're being hunted when they all get to the hospital to check on their friend but he's dead. 


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Shooter Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

We had a long year, Jules. Without you, Mary, and the boys, I don't know what I would have done.

Bob Lee

They're all wired!

Bob Lee