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Isaac and Bob Lee get on a bus so that they can meet up with Guiterrez in Bloomsville, Maryland. 

Nadine and Carlita try to coach Harris through meeting with his old college friend who works for a company that they could benefit from for the encryption purposes. Harris doesn't feel right charming and manipulating the woman, but Carlita tells him to get over it, since it's the only way he's useful. 

Carlita asks Nadine why she won't be forthcoming with information with her, and Nadine tells her that she doesn't trust her. 

Bob Lee realizes that the bus driver has a gun, and before he can warn Isaac, someone has a gun on him. Guiterrez took over the whole bus with his people and has black bagged Bob Lee. 

Guiterrez is a drug trafficker. 

Hayes tries to ask his friend about the encryption key, but she tells him that she'll have to report him for having something above his clearance. A man is watching them from the outside. Another man inside tries to inject Harris or his friend, but Carlita stops him and she and Nadine get Harris and his friend out of there. 

After stripping down, and proving that they aren't bugged, Guiterrez (who is a drug dealer now) tells Bob Lee that his father had innocent blood on his hands. 

Bob Lee doesn't believe him. Guiterrez tells Bob Lee about how their missions were coming from the government instead and they stopped wearing uniforms and dog tags. On one mission they were sent to kill a General, but Guiterrez noticed that the guy wasn't military, but Earl was only focused on the task he was given and killed the man. Earl than killed an innocent woman who interrupted too. Guiterrez also tells Bob Lee  that a woman named Catherine Mayfield came up with the algorithms and probabilities to make them effectively carry out their missions. Earl collaborated with her to make the system better thus having a hand in the probabilities Atlas still uses. 

Becca (Harris' friend) doesn't know very much about the encryption key. She doesn't want to work with Nadine and the rest of them. Harris tries to convince her to stick with them so she can be safe, but she declines and goes out on her own. The man who tried to kill her before shows up at her house with a needle with a deadly concoction. 

Julie goes to talk to Red Bama about the notification Bob Lee got about the Carl guy who ended up dead. She tells him that she did some digging and know that he's paying for the investigation. 

Guiterrez tells Bob Lee that he actually shot himself to get out of Phoenix, and years later Earl called and told him he was brave for doing it. Earl wanted to make right for all of his misdeeds and expose Atlas, but he never got the chance. 

Nadine poses as Becca and goes into Titan to retrieve information. She ends up locked in a server room after tracking coordinates. 

Julie tells her sister that she thought she and Bob Lee would take things on together, but he goes off on his own. She is looking further into everything with Red Bama and his involvement in the death of Earl. 

Bob Lee goes into Titan and tells them that there is a bomb in the building so Nadine can exit safely. It's an intense mission with Atlas members posing as DC metro police and giving orders to terminate Nadine on sight. It's a game of cat and mouse where Nadine and Bob Lee separately take down different officers, but eventually a dozen or so more come in and Nadine turns herself over. 

They take her to the metro police station, but while Bob Lee and the others plan how they're going to free her before she's killed, she's hit and then moved, presumably taken by Atlas. 

Red Bama stops by Sam's office to talk to Julie and threaten her. 

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Shooter Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Your father had innocent blood on his hands.


Carlita: I get why you're not telling him anything, but why are you keeping me in the dark?
Nadine: Because I don't trust you.