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Isaac goes with Nadine to the hospital after shrapnel hits her neck.

Harris helps Bob Lee navigate the building. They find that Justice Gibson has been taken. Bob Lee steals a police car and heads to Arlington where the secret service and Eli is keeping her. Eli tries to get access to her, but he has a difficult time.

Bob Lee blows up the police car as a distraction and fights his way into where they are holding the justice. The justice is taken to an underground safe room.

Nadine wakes up at the hospital. Isaac tells her that they need to take over Atlas before the wrong people take it over. She agrees.

Eli heads to the safe room with a bomb strapped to him. He has a shootout work bob lee and leaves explosives that go off when the SS come.

Bob Lee stops eli from getting into the safe room. He frees everyone in it, and they fight. He bites off Eli's finger, throws him in the room, closes the door, and blows him up.

Harris started his new job at the white house. Bama goes to speak to the President and Harris gives Red his own resignation papers.

Bob Lee goes home, but Julie is packing and still planning to leave. They continue to disagree. She tells him that she can't trust him anymore. He tells her he needs her and Mary to be with him for a memorial service for both his father and Sam.

Red shows up at the memorial service. Julie is upset when Bob Lee goes to him instead of dropping it. She leaves with Mary. Bob Lee tells Red to leave town. Red says that he's selling everything and leaving because he doesn't want Bob Lee coming after him.

Isaac shows Nadine their new headquarters for Atlas (now Prometheus). They agree to be partners. Carlita left them a gift and it's the hard drive of everything Atlas did.

Julie is still packing up. She knows Bob Lee will still head after Red. She tells him she needs a break not a divorce. He agrees to leave and let them stay at the ranch. He also says he'll tell Mary what's happening.

Red signs away his business. He meets with a Colombian mercenary and pays him to take out Bob Lee at his home and anyone else there too.

Sheriff Brown calls Bob Lee to warn him that something is brewing because a g Chopper landed near his ranch. Bob Lee steals a gun and heads home. Julie is showering and doesn't hear her phone.

When she gets out, dozens of mercenaries approach the house and start shooting. She sustains an injury to her shoulder but shoots back. She takes out a couple of them. Bob Lee comes and takes down a few of them and Brown comes with back up.

They throw grenades and blow up the place. Bob Lee shoots his way to Julie see they make up while he tends to her wound. They prepare to go outside, but she tells him to get his father's gun before they leave. Bama takes a shot from his spot in the hills and shoots julie in the neck, killing her.

Three months later, isaac and Nadine haven't seen or heard from Bob Lee since Julie's funeral. Harris comes to Nadine with a case involving a German national. It's at the behest of the president.

They flirt and he leaves. When Isaac asks what Harris was there for, she lies fp him.

Bob Lee tracks Red Bama down. He calls to let him know he found him. Bama asks Bob Lee not to do it. Bob Lee takes the shot killing Bama and walks off.

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Shooter Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Nadine: I'm not sure there's anyone left, Isaac.
Isaac: There's always someone.
Nadine: So what, you want to take on the world?
Isaac: Yeah, but in the right way.
Nadine: You really want to do this? Become Atlas?

Harris: I'll go with her.
Isaac: I'll go with her.
Harris: I'm not going to be much help in a gunfight.
Isaac: Then don't get in one. Bob Lee doesn't need a second gun. He needs someone to help him navigate this building.
Nadine: Go!
Harris: OK, alright.
Nadine: You too.
Isaac: Not a chance.