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Bob Lee looks over the redacted files of his father's mission overseas. Earl saves his fellow troops during a raid, and his superior gives him credit and lets him know there may be something on the horizon for them. 

Isaac, Nadine, and Harris show up at the Swagger house and update Bob Lee about Carlita and the Kill list. 

Red Bama Senior reams his son out for going after Swagger. 

Carlita tracks down Isaac and Nadine. She tells them that they're not the only ones trying to take down Atlas. She plans to put herself out as bait to draw out one of the cleaners. The cleaner's are the ones who have direct access to the higher ups of Atlas. 

Bob Lee and Harris go crash a country club in order to talk to Red Bama and his son. Bob Lee asks what happened to his father, but Red Bama isn't giving him anything. 

"Is the road like this the whole way?"

Harris and Bob Lee go to check out Colby, Earl's old buddy, but Salinger, sent by Red Bama Senior shows up guns ablazing. They engage in a shootout and they want Harris. Harris ends up killing someone himself. 

Carlita finds the agent but she kills him after he gives her information and she bolts. 

Bob Lee and Harris piece together the information from the files and more and realize that the program Earl was involved in, Phoneix, was Atlas before it was Atlas making Bob Lee's father one of it's founding fathers. 


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Shooter Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

You're not the only ones who want to take down Atlas.


My son needs to learn the way you hit your target is to know where it's headed.

Red Bama Senior