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Bob Lee is haunted by what Solotov told him about his father's death. He talks to Julie about it. She wants him to drop it. 

He goes to an old prison and talks to the old guard and asks about the man who supposedly killed his father. The man denies knowing anything, but Bob Lee catches him calling someone later on. It's the same people involved who were called before. 

Bob Lee meets up with Sheriff Brown to find out more about Jimmy Poole. Sheriff Brown tells him about Jimmy robbing a bank. 

Julie talks to Sam about Bob Lee's latest distraction. 

Sheriff Brown walks Bob Lee through Jimmy's case, but none of it is making sense. 

Nadine talks to Gregson who tells her that Atlas didn't stop with just Hayes, and it's far from over. Nadine and Isaac go to talk to Harris again and they want him to keep digging because technically the paperwork of him being terminated by Hayes didn't go through. He doesn't want to be involved and Isaac is willing to threaten his mother. 

Harris goes to Hayes' office and gets the contents of the safe out, but he's arrested. It turns out that it was all part of Nadine, Gregson, and Isaac's plan so they could get all the files. It was a ruse. 

The mystery man comes looking for the files posing as FBI, and he's frustrated when he can't find them. 

Bob Lee goes to talk to Jimmy's nephew and mother. They don't want him on the property and blame Earl for shooting Jimmy in the face. They talk about Jimmy's wife leaving him and how no good she is. The nephew's daughter, who looks like she is being abused, catches up with Bob Lee and tells him that she gets a birthday card from the aunt every year. 

Bob Lee is at a gas station when he hears gunshots. He goes in the side and takes down both of the robbers and demands to know what they are. They speak Spanish. The assailants are from the butcher place that Jimmy was supposed to work at when he got out of prison. 

Bob Lee thinks all of it is connected. Mary is upset with him because he missed painting her room with her. 

In the paperwork, they found a kill list with everyone's names on it including Harris and the department head of agriculture named Carlita. Isaac and Nadine investigate Carlita's house, but no one is home. 

They find a passport and other things, but a flashbang goes off in her go back and knocks Nadine out. 

Bob Lee goes to talk to the owner of the meat carving company. He demands to know why he sent two illegals to kill him. He intimidates him and the man ends up filing for a restraining order. 

Sheriff Brown takes Bob Lee out and plays the tape of when Earl was killed and tells him that Jimmy was the one who did it. Bob Lee listens to the take, but he hears that the shot that killed his father came from a distance, and it couldn't have been Jimmy. It had to be another shooter. 

Bob Lee, Julie, and the Sheriff go to Sam and request Earl's body be exhumed. 

The butcher dude's lackey is watching everyone as they're trying to exhume the body. Bob Lee notices that it's not his father's grave and that someone moved the headstone. 

Burt is watching everything happen. They take the bullets out of the body and Bob Lee realizes that the gun used was a rifle meaning his father was shot by a sniper. 

Red Bama the butcher kid is trying to make a run for it, but his brother tells him that he has to stay in town because their father is coming. 


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Shooter Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Gregson: You think Hayes is the end of the line? Atlas isn't done. Far from it.
Nadine: How big is it?
Gregson: Maybe you should've asked Hayes before he had his heart attack.

Julie: So what's going on?
Bob Lee: Solotov told me some things about my dad's death. I just can't shake it.