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The episode focuses on Xander's father and the memorial that comes with his death. Xander isn't handling it well, he is in a lot of pain and he spends the whole day getting drunk and struggling to keep it together. At the end Maddie takes him home but he wants to stay on the ship instead and there it is revealed that him and Maddie were involved at some point. 

Ryn shows up at the memorial because she feels bad about what her people did to Xander, but she and Ben have a struggling relationship after what happened. She watches from afar but then finally approaches Xander and he connects the dots. He gets mad at Ben for lying to him to keep Ryn safe even though he later talks it over with Maddie.

Chris ends up deciding to leave Bristol Cove, but not before getting one last glance at Ryn.

Ben's mom finds out that she got accepted for another option of medical research. Ben doesn't think this will actually work out for her.

Helen wants to find out what happened with Xander's dad since she doesn't buy him getting caught in a net. 

At the end of the episode Donna appears with two other mermaids in tow and things don't look good. 

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We had a two minute conversation. It's a start.


I know I am part animal but I am part human.