We used to make decisions together. Now I feel like you are off in your own head.


She sang to you to escape from you, not because she loves you. She will not do it again.


Ryn: Ben tried to help us.
Maddie: I know, Ryn. But he didn't, did he?

Maddie: You called him?
Ben: She was dying, Maddie.

Ryn: Is Ben OK?
Ben: Yeah. Ben is good.

Donna: We take Ryn back to her home.
Helen: I thought you only killed for survival, but now, aggression, plotting revenge. You're more human than I realized.
Donna: We are her family. She must come back.
Helen: What if she doesn't want to go with you? She seems very attached to her human friends.
Donna: Where. Is. Ryn?

Xander: I wish we never caught her in our nets, man. None of this would have happened. Dad would still be here.
Ben: Hey, we just need to get rid of these two. Things will get back to normal.
Xander: Normal, what's that, man? You, you and your mermaid living happily ever after? Trust me, that ain't normal, man.

You can't just go back. I need you here.

Ben [to Ryn]

Ryn: It's okay. Ben is love.
Donna: Love.

Ben: Ryn, tell me what's going on.
Ryn: Not here to take back. Here to kill.

Xander: Ryn, that's her name, right?
Maddie: Yeah. What about her?
Xander: You think she knows where is the one who killed my dad?

They killed us -- so many of us that the water was red with our blood.


Siren Quotes

In their natural state in the water, they see you as prey. Their instinct is to kill. Humans never understood that.


What if there is a new predator out there? One that we haven't seen before.