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Siren Season 2 Episode 15 Review: Sacrifice

Siren Review: All Hell Breaks Loose

On Siren Season 2 Episode 15, Ryn goes to Beth's family as a last resort and Xander becomes increasingly worried about Nicole. Check out our review!
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Siren Season 2 Episode 14 Review: The Last Mermaid

Siren Review: The Last Mermaid

On Siren Season 2 Episode 14, Ryn tries mating the human way, while Helen makes a startling discovery about her family's burial plot. Check out our review!
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21 Interspecies Romances

21 Interspecies Romances

True love has no limitations. You don't have to be from the same planet or background to fall for each other. We created a list of 21 interspecies romances!
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Siren Season 2 Episode 13 Review: The Outpost

Siren Review: It's Mating Season

On our review of Siren Season 2 Episode 13, we discuss the true intentions of Helen's family, and what we learned about the mermaids' mating season!
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In their natural state in the water, they see you as prey. Their instinct is to kill. Humans never understood that.


What if there is a new predator out there? One that we haven't seen before.