Rescuing Rip - SIX
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The team is at HQ talking about Rip's capture. Chase figures out that everything Rip said on the tape was true and questions it. 

At the Ortiz home, the family discusses the video. The kids are upset about it. 

In Africa, Michael shows the video to Na'omi and the girls. Michael tells Na'omi and Rip the story of his brother. Na'omi tells Rip she has full confidence in him no matter what he did or didn't do.

All of America is talking about Rip and his "confession."

Bear arrives home to find the pastor from church at home with Lena.

Caulder visits Tammy who is leaving town. 

Chase is dealing with his parents who want him to finish law school. There's lots of disagreement about Rip and whether what he did was good or bad or even true.

Back at HQ, they are getting intel on Arkmar's sister. They prepare for a mission to grab the sister who is in Panama.

The team is on mission and have to kill people in the house. There is a girl who is not supposed to be there. They take the target and the girl.

In Africa, they are running a trial mission of their own. They are having Rip watch what's going on. The Emir arrives. He is not happy and wants to speak with Michael alone. He's upset that Michael killed Boku Haram members when they were trying to partner with the terrorist group. The Emir says he will try to fix everything.

Bear is building a crib for the baby to come. He takes one of the crib's spindles and goes off destroying parts of the crib he made. Lena comes in to find out what's going on. Bear tells her what happened the night before. Bear regrets telling Lena anything.

Bear and the guys are by the pier bar reminiscing. Bear is talking about his dead daughter Sara. He thinks Sara died because he killed a boy earlier that night.

Bear tells Caulder he blames him for Rip. Caulder confesses to Bear about Tammy. Bear punches him. Buddha interferes and tells them to take it to the beach, where they fight. 

Na'omi is teaching the girls when the emir and Michael come in and take them away. They sit with Rip. Michael doesn't agree with the Emir's decision to just get information from Rip rather than use him for other means.

Chase is getting information from his father about the Afghanistan mission in question. 

Caulder visits Dharma and apologizes about the video. She's more upset about Rip's video than anything. He cuts off his ties with her blaming his job for breaking off ties.

News cameras are outside Rip's ex-wife's house. The ex-wife has a new baby which Lena holds. Lena wants help in dealing with Bear and the woman suggests getting out while she still can.

Na'omi asks Rip about the video, and he talks about Bear and how Bear got his nickname. He talks about Caulder and there's not much love there. He tells Na'omi what he said on the video was true. He admits to killing Michael's brother. 

The information Chase got was stuff about Michael about that night in Afghanistan. 

The emir puts Michael in the holding cell with Rip. Boku Haram wants Michael to avenge their deaths just like Rip said.


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SIX Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I don't care what that man says. I know one thing for sure about you. You will do anything to save us.


Someone is forcing Uncle Rip to say a lot of bad things.