Command Is Watching - SIX
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Michael tells Rip his story. Na'omi listens and offers her opinion.

Caulder talks to Command about the tape. They think they might get busted if the tape is turned over to the NCIS.

Rip is engaging in more conversation with Michael. This time he's telling Michael how he got involved with the sEAL.

The Emir comes in to tell Rip he negotiated his release. Michael and the girls are to go to Boku Haram. 

Bear and Lena are at the cemetery putting flowers on Sarah's grave. He gets a call. Lena tells him she doesn't think they should have a child.

Caulder is at the beach, he gets the same text. He calls Dharma, but he only gets voicemail. Buddha and family are at the beach. Annabel tells them she doesn't want to go to the school. He gets the text and Jackie wants him back before she leaves for her dinner.

At Command in Africa, the team is told Michael may have Rip. The tape is mentioned, but not how they got the tape.

Rip tries to convince Michael to do something to save himself. He's doing this to try to save the girls. Michael has no interest.

The team prepares to go overseas to save Rip and the girls.

Michael tries to get Akmal to help him and kill the Emir. Akmal refuses. Rip tries to convince Michael to rise up against Muttaqi in order to save the girls.

Chase, Fishbait and another try to enter the compound. They get in. Back at command, they are able to get facial recognition on all the players. 

Rip asks Michael about his brother. Michael shares. Rip calls Muttaqi to tell him they can't get a hold of Akmal's sister. Muttaqi is not happy. 

Bear tells the team the plans on how they are going to breach the compound.

Buddha tells Bear why Rip wanted him to be team leader.

The team prepares for their mission which will take place at first light.

Akmal takes Michael and the girls for Boku Haram. Rips goes crazy and starts screaming. After Akmar delivers Michael and the girls to the garage, he brings Rip to Muttaqi.





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All I know is death.


If you don't have shitloads of money in America, you're nobody. You're trash.