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The team is backtracking to the prison where Rip was at to investigate the scene. They get confirmation that Rip was in the building. Bear is obsessed with digging a fresh grave to see if it was Rip. Why is he so obsessed? On the way to the safe house they learn that Buck didn't make it.

Bear and Caulder arrive at Buck's wife's house to tell her the news about him. She's obvioiusly upset.

Michael arrives in Chad, Africa with the prisoners. 

Bear is gathering Buck's stuff at HQ. Then he meets with some head guys to talk about what happened in Nigeria that led to Buck's death.

The team tries to deal with Buck's death in their own ways with their families. It's not easy.

Bear is giving the eulogy at Buck's funeral. 

Michael is in a bunker watching a newscast about the SEAL operation. 

Caulder daughter is looking at videos of Buck to put together a video memorial.

Chase is giving a speech at Buck's funeral luncheon.

Michael questions and harasses Rip, but Rip doesn't give in.

Buddha and Bear talk. They are at a a bar and get into a conflict with another soldier.

They arrive at the cannon where they are going to blow Buck's remains onto a mountain as he requested in his will.

Rip is taken to where the girls and Na'omi are. Michael is watching on surveillance camera. 

Bear talks with Buck's dad.

Rip is put in front of a video camera. Rip refuses to read what Michael wants him to read. Michael has Esther and Na'omi tied up with bombs strapped around him. If Rip doesn't read the paper, he's going to blow them up. 

Bear visits Lena at school to apologize. Buddha gets home.

At HQ, the CO talks with Bear. 

Caulder arrives home to find that Dharma is gone. He finds a note telling him to watch a video of him and Buck's wife that was on Buck's iPad.

The team is watching the video Rip made where he is admitting to the crime committed against Michael's brother. 

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SIX Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Rip: Who are you?
Michael: You don't recognize me?
Rip: Should I? You famous on YouTube for sucking a camel's dick?

Dharma: What was he like? Buckley?
Caulder: He was an asshole who believed in aliens.
Dharma: You don't?