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Three days in the future, there's a man down being taken up into the helicopter.

Boko Haram has the prisoners back in their cells. Rip is tending to Gary, the guy with the cut off hand, trying to keep him awake.

Back at HQ Caulder wakes up Bear who's sleeping on the floor. Caulder reminds him he has a doctor's appointment with Lena. Bear wants a call if they hear anything about Rip.

The newbie is training on the beach.

Buddha's wife is at home talking to a coworker about a sales presentation. Buddha is not too happy, though he tries to hide it.

Bear is at the doctor getting his diagnosis for his infertility. He's not very happy that his sperm can't swim.

Rip is being forced to bury the prisoner that was killed after they got captured. Na'omi is being forced to help as well.

Back at the beach Caulder is talking with Chase.

Michael Nasry is asking another solider why he changed sides. He gets a call from the big guy that he's going to be meeting with Boko Haram regarding Rip.

Caulder shows up at the police station where his daughter is being held for disrupting school.

Bear and Lena are at church. Bear gets a call from HQ and leaves after the service is over.

The team is at HQ getting information about Rip. They are going to go on a mission to retrieve him.

Rip and Na'Omi are digging the grave while being questioned by one of the soldiers. Na'Omi smarts off to one of the men. Gary is brought to the edge of the grave and they threaten to kill him while Rip tries to talk them out of it. The soldier kills him anyway.

Rip is building a cross out of logs. Rip is tied to the cross and the cross is tied to a tree for all the girls to see.

Michael has arrived in Nigeria. he's talking to the same solider he was talking to before. A Boko Haram soldier arrives to tell him he can see Rip for $10 million.

Bear and team are making their plans to extract Rip.

Bear has a flashback of visiting the grave of his dead daughter. He's going to call Lena, but changes his mind.

Michael is negotiating with Boko Haram. He wants to be taken to Rip.

Na'Omi is singing to try to keep Rip conscious. She's told to stop singing.

Chase is being tested by Buck. Who wants to make a bet that Chase is the soldier that gets killed? The team is headed to the camp when they are stopped by Boko Haram.  The SEALs take control of the situation.

Michael is headed to the camp.

Rip is taken down from the cross and put back into a cell. The team knows about a group of cars heading to camp.

The team moves through the woods to towards the camp. Why are they taking Chase on this mission? He's seriously not ready.

Buck is shot while the team engages in a firefight against another team. The hostages are all gone. They've been taken by Michael and his group. Buck is being extracted for urgent surgical.



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SIX Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Buck; There ain't nothing worse than a Muslim raghead, except a Harvard bitch.

God must be laughing. I'm a SEAL, and my sperm can't even swim.