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Caulder is practicing and still having issues.

Gina shows some men pictures of the hostage and Michael. She makes demands. She wants the President to authorize the assassination of the Prince.

Michael is packing up with the Prince and the hostage.

Bear tells the Commander that Caulder was "outstanding." The Commander tells the men Nasry is with the hostage and they are going t retrieve him.

Trevor confronts Caulder about his performance.

Buddha confronts Caulder about giving Jackie a gun.

Buddha and his family are out eating, but he's distracted. After she sends the kids away, Buddha stars talking. Buddha has a flashback about Rip meeting Jackie. He was drunk in the bathroom at a bar. It's also before Buddha and Jackie start dating.

Gina is at CIA headquarters and gets messages from Nasry.

Lena visits Bear in his hotel room. They reconnect. She wants to try having a baby again.

Fishbait is praying then talks with his cousin about what happened in Chesnya with the guy who was killed with stones

Trevor is in the isolation tank when Chase comes in and asks about his tattoos.

Michael pretends he's going to the bathroom but is really texting. The Prince pats him down but doesn't find the phone because Michael dropped it in the woods.

Gina is running on her treadmill and has a flashback to her boyfriend and then vomits.

Marissa is in her hotel room having flashbacks while playing with her gun.

Caulder tells Dharma he's going back in. She's upset. She threatens to tell her superiors about his condition and then walks out.

The guys are at a meeting with the Commander and Gina fills everyone in about what's going on.

They're given the mission to bring Nasry and the hostage back.

Prince and Nasry arrive at the temple that the SEALs will breach. The SEALs get ready to roll.

The team is in helicopters headed to Russia. 

Michael is praying with Prince's men when they hear the helicopters. He's still in contact with Gina and the SEALs prepare to land.

The Prince attacks Nasry because he thinks he's a traitor but Nasry has a plan.

The SEALs ake their move to breach the temple or warehouse or whatever it is.

Nasry gets a gun. The SEALs move in. It's a gun battle as Nasry, Prince and the hostage keep moving.

Caulder has an episode.

The team gets the hostage that Prince and Nasry left behind. They're going to leave but Caulder wants to stay. Prince and Nasry are holed up. Prince still doesn't trust Nasry. Prince is shot and bleeding. The villagers are on their way. SEALs are on their way out with Hall. They have no idea the villagers are on their way, but command picks up the movement.

The guys try to get out but they are ambushed. Fishbait is shot. Trevor, Bear, Caulder are all on the ground while the helicopter flies away with Buddha and chase. They're stranded.












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SIX Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Him, I need. But you are more trouble than you're worth.

The Prince

Caulder: You got something to say? Say it.
Trevor: You're not ready. You know the guys, they're loyal. They see what they want to see, but me? I see things clearly.
Caulder: What do you see?
Trevor: A selfish prick so desperate to get back on this team, he'd risk all our lives.