Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 13 online to see Ichabod and Katrina solve the mysterious death of the Historical Society's art restorer. Elsewhere, Abbie is shocked to learn that Irving is back from the dead.

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Watch Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 13 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to witness the bleeding painting and the evil artist that lives within it. The Historical Society's art restorer is working on a painting, when it suddenly begins to bleed. At the cabin, Ichabod and Katrina prepare for the Society's soiree. Abbie is clearly uncomfortable around Katrina. She warns Crane that "a night out isn't going to change the fact that she's done things to compromise our team." At the Historical Society Banquet, the art restorer Mr. Hollister, shares his concerns about the painting with his friend Ichabod. Meanwhile, Katrina is remembering her old friend Abigail Adams and tells Ichabod these memories have purpose. A blood curdling scream frightens the guests. The Cranes spot Mr. Hollister's body hanging upside down; throat slashed. Apparently, this is a recreation of the hanged man in a tarot card deck. "Turning over the hanged man reflects struggle; from death to rebirth" Katrina explains. While discussing the painting, the artist inside it turns around to look angrily at the Cranes. The couple decides to do a bit of research on the painter. Elsewhere, Captain Irving appears at the police station. Needless to say, Abbie is shocked and the witnesses wonder if he's a zombie like Andy Brooks was. After all, Irving inadvertently signed his soul away to the Horseman of War. This mystery remains unsolved for now. Back at the Historical Society house, Ichabod learns that the artist, Colby, was exiled and disappeared without a trace in 1782. Katrina uses a spell to enter the painting with Ichabod. There they face off against the murderous Colby ultimately trapping him inside. Abbie send Jenny on a mission to retrieve a set of enchanted platinum bullets that can take down demons like this one. When Colby emerges from the painting, Abbie shoots the painting itself stopping the fiend for good. Ichabod promises Katrina they will find a way to survive.

Episode Details

On Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 13, Ichabod and Katrina's memories of their old friend Abigail Adams are triggered by the strange death of an art restorer at a party for the Sleepy Hollow Historical Society.

Rating: 3.6 / 5.0 (27 Votes)
Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Ichabod: Katrina and I owe it to each other to have an evening free from apocalyptic trial. A chance for us to see who we are to one another. In this new modern context. If we are to be anything at all.
Abbie: A night out isn't going to change the fact that she's done things to compromise our team.

This place is bringing my old friend Abigail back to me. I get the distinct feeling these memories have purpose.