Smallville Season 1


Lionel Luther closes the Smallville plant and Lex tries to initiate an employee buyout to stop it; Whitney joins the marines; Roger Nixon attempts to reveal Clark's secret.


A meteor explosion gives Lana the ability to see through other peoples' eyes and she uses the power to rescue a kidnapped Chloe.


After a hit-and-run destroys Justin Gaines' (Adam Brody) drawing hand, he gains telekenetic powers and uses them to exact revenge.


Clark runs for president during class election against Sasha Woodman (Shonda Farr), a girl who can control bees. Meanwhile, a journalist comes to run a story on Lex.


Tyler Randall (Reynaldo Rosales) dies with a piece of meteor in his wrist, and when it's removed by the coroner, he is re-animated with the ability take the lives of anything he touches.


Ryan James (Ryan Kelley), a young mindreader is made to rob stores by his step parents. Ryan escapes and lives with the Kents until his stepfather finds him.


Dr. Hamilton (Joe Morton) uses the meteor rock to resurrect the extinct, "Nicodemus," a flower that causes people to lose their inhibitions.


A man from Lex's past, Jude Royce (Corin Nemec), previously thought dead, resurfaces and kidnaps Lex. Meanwhile, Chloe looks into Clark's adoption.


Three ex-jocks use meteor rock tattoos to give themselves the ability to pass through walls. The thieves begins robbing banks and recruit Whitney to help.


During a field trip, lightning strikes Clark and a classmate, Eric Summers (Shawn Ashmore) and transfers his powers to Eric.

A salesman, Bob Rickamn (Rick Peters) has the ability to bend others towards his will and uses his powers to convince Jonathan to sell his farm.


Amy Palmer (Azura Skye) becomes Lex's invisible stalker and she becomes blamed after Victoria is forced out of the house by an invisible assailant.


A corrupt Metropolis cop, Sam Phelan (Cameron Dye) witnesses Clark using his powers and blackmails him.


After LutherCorp experiments with meteor rocks, it leaves Earl Jenkins (Tony Todd) poisoned with seizures.


Jodi Melville (Amy Adams) becomes obsessed with weight and starts eaitng a diet of meteor rock-infected vegetables. Soon Jodi must feed on the fat of others.


An elderly woman at a nursing home develops precognitive abilities and sees Clark and Lex's future; An old man uses a green meteor rock to reverse the aging process.


During a party at Crater Lake, Sean Kelvin (Michael Coristine) falls into the frozen lake and emerges with a bottomless thirst for heat.


Lex Luthor robs a local bank and throws Clark through a window, helping him develop his X-Ray powers.


A meteor gives Coach Arnold (Dan Lauria) pyrokinesis and Chloe reveals a scandal where he's helping football players cheat.


Greg Arkin (Chad Donella) gets stung by meteor-enhanced insects and becomes half-man, half-insect. Greg kidnaps Lana to mate with her, and Clark goes to rescue her.


A meteor shower hits Smallville and leaves behind a small child that is adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent.

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Smallville Season 1 Quotes

Pete: Statistical fact: If Clark moved any slower he'd be extinct.

Jonathan: I know this has gotta be really hard for you. But you gotta just hang in there like we promised.
Clark: I'm sick of "hanging in there." All I want to do is go through high school without being a total loser.