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Bridgette tries to score herself a date, but the man is uninterested when he realizes the kid on the basketball court is her son. 

Bridget later has a dream that a group of men do not enjoy having sex with her anymore, and takes to her gynecologist to ask whether her vagina is out of shape. 

The doctor explains that it is elastic so it always goes back into place, and tells Bridgette to go have sex. She does stress not to have unprotected sex because that will lead to another baby. 

Bridgette drops Larry off at Tutu's and is shocked to learn her mother has been buying crazy new appliances. Tutu drags Bridgette and says she cannot comment on what she does. 

Bridgette then finds out Rafi has a new girlfriend, and is shocked to find out her son has already met her. 

Bridgette rushes to the store in the dead of night, and tries to get herself snacks. In the process, she bumps into an old school friend who winds up back at her place, but their sex session goes wrong when the man realizes her son is on the bed. 

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SMILF Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm Bridgette, maybe we could go for a drink later.


Tutu: I'm a bit worried about the baby with Rafi the relapser.
Bridgette: Mom, he's a great dad, he does bedtime every night.