Bridgette's New Look - SMILF
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Bridgette gets a Tinder profile from her friends at work, and is shocked when her father swipes on her. 

She asks Tutu and she seems to think it could be the man. Bridgette picks the wrong hairstyle and everyone laughs at her. 

Bridgette confides in Eliza about what happened, and Bridgette goes home to her own house. 

Eliza offers to go along with Bridgette to confront him. Eliza's sister says that the recording device would need to be in plain sight if they recorded a confession. 

Bridgette asks Tutu to go with her, but she is against the idea, saying that he did not want to own up back then and that he will not now. 

But Tutu shows up on the night, and Bridgette confronts the man with her letter. 

Tutu says that's not him and the man leaves the restaurant embarrassed. The ladies then have a party because they tried and failed to make things right. 

Rafi graduates from sober living and moves in with Nelson, but Nelson is not impressed to learn all about Rafi showing up at Bridgette's in the dead of night. 

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SMILF Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Larry: Why you say no? Say yes!
Bridgette: Look at him.
Larry: No.

Bridgette: I'm going on a date with my dad!
Eliza: Yay! So gross.