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Bridgette questioned what she would be able to do to get back at Rafi for what he did, but her day is ruined when Larry's panda goes missing, and she is thrown into turmoil. 

Eliza flips out because Bridgette tears the apartment apart and her father is due to visit. When Rafi shows up, he gets knocked down after bickering with her. 

In another scenario she ran to Nelson's to find the panda, but Nelson tried to mediate between and it failed disastrously. 

Bridgette and Eliza then got naked and danced in front of Eliza's father to say that they were happy in their bodies. 

Bridgette then told Tutu that she would never be seeing Larry again, and Tutu fled, but not before she, herself, got knocked down. 

In the end, Bridgette decided to let it go, and let Rafi see Larry for the day. 


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SMILF Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Woman: My friend is doing her dissertation on mushrooms' effect on depression and anxiety.
Bridgette: Magic mushrooms?

Eliza: Bridge, I have to finish getting ready.
Bridgette: Well, you're wearing like four outfits. Why not just pick one of those?