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Cavill addresses the train for the last time as the head of governance and relinquishes the train to Layton and his people.

The headphones attached to the short-range radio in the Engine Care play music. Melanie leaves the Engine to deal with something she's been putting off.

Layton and Miles grieve Josie together.

In the First Class Dining Car, Layton addresses the concerns of the representatives of the train. Ruth remains oppositional to the new order.

In the Folgers carriage, Pike has set up a den of vice and luxury. LJ tries to get everyone to leave but Pike throws her out instead.

In the Engine, Javi hears the music and becomes obsessed with finding its signal. Bennett notices something and cuts the satellite feed.

Melanie goes to Audrey in the Night Car and finally grieves the loss of her daughter she left behind when Snowpiercer disembarked.

Layton and Zarah discuss their baby.

Jinju reviews the damage and looting in the food and agriculture cars with Till and Roche. Roche excuses himself and the women have a big argument about the secrets in their relationship. They break-up officially.

Ruth puts herself together to assume her duties as Head of Hospitality. When Melanie comes to say goodbye, she is unrelenting in her anger.

Cavill returns to the Engine, ready to be an engineer. Javi has her listen to the music and tells her the signal is coming from outside the train. She plans to let Layton know.

Roche brings two people to Layton for smuggling lettuce to Pike for fencing. Layton orders him to hold order while he sees Cavill in the Engine.

Cavill lays out the pros and cons of slowing the train to find the signal or staying the speed and missing the chance to find other survivors. Layton makes the call to slow the train.

In the Black Market, Osweiller runs into LJ and teaches her how to peel an egg.

In the Engine, Cavill uses binoculars to make visual contact with the source of the music signal. It's another Wilford train, Big Alice, and the trains will merge onto the same track very soon with Big Alice switiching in behind Snowpiercer.

When Ruth sees the other train, she concludes that it's Mr. Wilford and prepares to welcome him aboard.

Layton forms a war party to meet Wilford at the Tail.

Roche and Till clear out Pike's party in the Folger's carriage and Layton recruits Pike to join his war party.

Cavill insists on trying to outrun the other train.

Big Alice's locomotive transforms and reaches out with mechanical jaws to latch onto the tail and form a boarding tunnel. The children in The Tail hear and see the torches breaking through the back hatch. Meanwhile, Big Alice connects to Snowpiercer's computer and attempts to take control. Cavill decides to go outside the train and try to cut the uplink.

As Layton tries to organize his troops, Ruth arrives with a choir of children and the Hospitality department to welcome Mr. Wilford.

When Roche and Layton confront her, she pulls a gun on them. Layton listens to her demand to be treated as a respected representative of the train and brings her to the front of the group.

Bennett tries to talk Cavill into surrendering to Big Alice. Cavill confronts him with the fact he knew Big Alice and Wilford were on a direct encounter course. Cavill cuts Bennett's suit so he can't accompany her outside and orders him to keep the train going.

While Cavill tries to make her way to the Tail, Javi tries to stave off Wilford's hack but eventually, Big Alice's system gains control and applies the brakes. Cavill falls off the train as the train comes to a stop.

Snowpiercer will freeze if it doesn't resume movement in about ten minutes. Layton tries to rally the morale of the Snowpiercer citizens but Ruth continues to undercut everything he says.

The back hatch opens and a young woman boards. She informs them they have thirteen minutes to surrender. Then she asks for Cavill, identifying herself as Alexandra Cavill, Melanie's daughter.

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Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Layton: You know how a Tailie marks a passing, right? Together. No one forgotten.
Miles: No one alone.

We're all haunted by our choices. The personal choice we all made when we boarded this train and the collective choices that brought us to that day. Choices made over decades even when we knew climate change was real. And finally, my own choice to pirate this ark and lie to you all which has brought us to where we are now. May we all move forward with greater awareness of the choices that we make. We are one train and today, that train chooses change. I hereby relinquish governance of Snowpiercer to the rebel forces. These are our revolutions.