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Ruth's voiceover. She's still hiding in the decommissioned First Class cars. She sees some of Wilford's people and Javi coming through the First Class dining car. She sees them setting up a weapon of some sort and sends a message to Pike and the Resistance by messenger rat.

Wilford bathes while being attended by Mrs. Dr. Headwood and Kevin. Headwood lets him know they are ready for "the test" and Wilford offers his sympathies about Mr. Dr. Headwood's passing. Mrs. Dr. Headwood cradles her husband's shoes wherever she goes.

Layton dreams of his vision and wakes to find Josie checking on Asha.

Layton and Josie awkwardly address their kiss.

Ben pulls up the data he gathered but it's not good news.

To reach the last possible warming point, they need more supplies. Layton determines it's time to get the rest of the train back.

Layton is closest to Asha when she wakes up and reacts like a feral cat. Layton tries to calm her. He talks to her, learns her name, and reassures her. She knows what Snowpiercer is. They give her a tour.

On Wilford's train, he prepares to test his weapon, an EMP pulse of sorts. Pike brings the messenger rat back to Ruth. The weapon goes off, knocking power out momentarily.

LJ brings moonshine into the Night Car and finds a trail of lanterns. She follows them to the back where Oz proposes in a romantic gesture.

She accepts and immediately wants to tell Wilford, who declares it the occasion the train needs to celebrate. Oz isn't sure but LJ is excited.

While Zarah sees to Wilford's plans, she's pulled aside by Pike. He informs her that Ruth wants to make contact with Javi.

On the pirate train, Ben and Alex discuss Wilford's strategy and Melanie's memory.

Layton researches the tree from his vision in the library while Audrey tries to interrogate him.

Josie shows Asha to her own quarters. Left alone, Asha smells the soil in the planter and has a small breakdown.

Bess finds Layton studying his book in the bunkroom. He asks if she's ever come close to freezing to death. He shares his vision with her.

Oz vents at LJ about how Wilford has taken over their wedding event. She shares her vision of ruling the train as a power couple. He storms off, disgusted with her.

Zarah approaches Javi. He's non-responsive to her so she informs him that Wilford wants him in First.

Wilford gives LJ a pep talk in her bridal suite. He goes to see Oz and tells him he's looked at his files from when he was a brakeman. He assures Oz that he and LJ are trusted team members and then suddenly grabs Oz by the crotch and encourages him to do the same in return, squeezing until they're both in pain.

Javi makes his way to the First Class cars where Ruth comes out to talk to him. He's surprised. He thought she was with Layton. She tries to get him to tell her about the weapon but he runs.

WIlford officiates the wedding ceremony while the train celebrates.

He reveals that Mr. Dr. Headwood died of influenza.

Pike leads Lights into the back to disarm the weapon.

Kevin sees Javi coming back from First and becomes suspicious. He takes jackboots with him to First.

Pike, Ruth, and Lights are warned that Kevin and the jackboots are coming. Ruth insists they continue to work on disabling the weapon. She'll distract Kevin by giving herself up. She leaves Pike in charge.

Kevin puts Ruth in a cell, but doesn't look any further into First.

Asha tells her story.

Layton returns to the engine where the satellites are still down so they can't track Wilford's train. Layton opts to parallel the main line in hopes of catching a glimpse.

As LJ and Oz share their first dance (to the song Apocalypse), Kevin signals to Wilford that they been successful.

In trying to disrupt the power supply, the Resistance group arms the weapon.

Wilford confronts Ruth. He plans on taking her arm.

In First, they decide to offload the weapon entirely. At the last second, it shoots out the back of the train.

The weapon detonates on the track, knocking out the music and lights at the wedding party, and in the cell car.

At a distance, it causes Snowpiercer's electronics to flicker. Alex uses the signature to triangulate a location for Wilford's train. They plan to drop in on him.

The jackboots march Ruth to the port to take her arm. Just as they are going to put her arm through, Layton's pirate train flies by on the adjacent track. Ruth is taken back into custody. Wilford calls for battlestations.


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Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Next, the cold comes for your mind. And after that, your will. And yet, still, the heart fights on.


When the cold comes for you, the blood stops running to your limbs. It pools up inside to keep your organs warm.