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Jax comes clean with Unser about Gemma and gets him to drop the APB against him. Then he asks Nero to take Wendy and the boys to the farm when he goes. 

Jax gets the rival gangs together to come to an agreement about territories but when the Irish won't play ball, things start to fall apart. In the end Roarke asks the Sons to kill Connor in order for the deal to go through and Tyler needs SAMCRO help to put down the rest of the Chinese.

Instead of killing Juice, the Chinese use him to try and kill Telly but Juice knows that won't help the club so he tells Telly instead and has Telly kill him.

Jax sits down with Indian Hills and the other Presidents and admits he lied about Jury's confession and that Jury wasn't the rat. He then makes a deal with them about a mayhem vote but he won't yet share the outcome with SAMCRO.

Gemma gets to her father's nursing home. They call the house to verify Gemma's identity and Wendy gets the call. She tells Jax, and then Nero. Nero asks Unser to go and arrest Gemma before Jax can find her and kill her. 

Unser finds Gemma at the house she grew up in. He tries to convince her to come with him but she won't. Jax arrives and Unser won't leave. He says he has nothing else. Jax kills him. Then Gemma asks to go out to the garden. She tells Jax that she loved Tara and she loves him but she understands what needs to be done. It's who they are. Jax shoots his mother in the back of the head.

Later, Jax goes home and has sex with Wendy. 

Sons of Anarchy
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