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The next morning Wendy decides to come clean with Jax. She tells him that Gemma had stashed Juice at her apartment and that Unser knew it.  Jax confronts Unser and then Juice in prison. Juice tells him the truth about Tara's murder.

Juice kills Lin but first gets the name of the rat. It's Charlie Barowski. After telling Jax the truth about Gemma and Tara, he knows the end is near. Jax thanks him for telling him the truth and promises to make the end quick. 

Juice places a phone call to Gemma letting her know that Jax knows the truth. She goes on the run. Before she leaves she says goodbye to Thomas and Abel. Then she sees Nero who is devastated when he learns what she's done.

Jax searches for Gemma. When Unser gets in his way they fight and Unser taunts him. Unser doesn't know the truth about Gemma. Jax hist Unser and he files assault charges.

Jax and the club have to abort their plans to take out Barowski when Jax must flee the police. Nero signs the papers selling Diosa to Alvarez. Jax and Alvarez make plans for the future.

Jax tells the club the truth about Gemma and apologizes for all the brutality, chaos and death that his actions have caused. Later he cries with Nero that he doesn't know what to do about Gemma. She's still his mom.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

I'm a rat. What makes you think I wouldn't be a liar too.


Juice: It doesn't have to be dirty. I just need some answers.
Lin: Yeah, that's why I'm chained to a pipe in a god damned boiler room.