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Gemma identifies Chris Dunn to help Juice get his deal and get close to Lin. She and Jarry fight and threaten one another. Jarry and Unser find out that Dunn was actually being held on a drunk and disorderly charge in another state at the time of Tara's murder. Juice's deal is revoked and and he's thrown in solitary. 

Jax makes a deal with August Marks. He'll give him video of the Pastor, his body and the son for a chat. Jax digs up the Pastor's body and cuts off the head. Then sews it onto another body. 

August reneges on their deal and kills Bobby. Jax has Chibs give Jarry the mother's statement against Marks and tells her where to find the rest of the Pastor's body. Marks is arrested. 

During their fight, Gemma accused Jarry of being on the club's dime and in bed with Chibs. When she demands to know how Chibs feels about her they have sex on the hood of her patrol car. 

Jax refuses to send Abel to school and sends him, Thomas, and Wendy to the cabin. Later, Abel comes upon Gemma asking forgiveness over Bobby's body. 

The Indian Hills charter calls a vote on Jax's leadership after he killed Jury. 

Sons of Anarchy
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