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Butters is suddenly mad at everyone, except for Kenny, who he considers to be his only real friend. Butters's parents reveal that the reason he's so mad is that he's actually 'from' Hawaii, and he must return to his native homeland to get in touch with his native roots and get to the root of his anger. He finally gets there with the help of Kenny, and finds his native people – actually a group of tourists with rewards credit cards who just stayed on the island. He learns their way of life and tries to become one of them, and undergo the ritual that will let him be free of his anger.

However, as this is about to happen, the 'native' Hawaiians learn that their Mahalo Rewards cards are being discontinued and they'll be kicked off of the island. They decide to mount a stand against the tourists that keep coming for them, and after Butters sinks a cruise ship with a well-placed golf ball, the Coast Guard gets in on the action. The resistance grows weak when they run out of thier alcoholic beverage of choice, until Kenny finds some more with the help of Elvis's ghost. With it, they fight off the Coast Guard long enough to call a truce. Butters finally figures out the source of his anger: he thought Ben Affleck had it all: a successful acting and directing career, along with being married to Jennifer Lopez, until he is corrected that he is only married to Jennifer Garner. All is well.

South Park
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South Park Season 16 Episode 11 Quotes

Butters, people can't just go around beating up people who have diabetes!


I'm telling you, Butters beat the crap out of Scott and then locked himself in the bathroom!