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Randy thinks he has made a great business investment when he buys a Blockbuster. He swiftly discovers this is not the case as he gets literally no customers. This starts to slowly drive him mad, and he makes the rest of his family help him out at the desolate video rental store. Meanwhile, because Stan is trapped with his family during Halloween, he can't go out for Halloween and to the costume contest Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman want to enter as the Avengers. So, they take Stan along with them, on an iPad via FaceTime.

Later, the gang decides to intervene with a gang of robbers trying to steal from a convenience store, but they become decidedly less heroic when they discover there's many of them and the robbers killed the convenience store owner. One of the boys drops a flyer for the costume contest they're entering, and the robbers decide to go there to take out the boys who saw them, after they get Stan on his iPad and leave him for dead. Stan is eventually found and helps the cops by going to the costume contest as "Gangnamstein" on the shoulders of a cop, but his plan goes awry when his crazy dad grabs the iPad and starts going nuts on everyone who streams movies from Netflix and Hulu instead of renting from him. Eventually Gangnamstein is shot, and Shelly burns down the Blockbuster, freeing them and Randy from the accursed place.

South Park
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South Park Season 16 Episode 12 Quotes

Oh, I get it. Video stores are so old, they have ghosts in them. Okay, thanks, I get it!


Randy: How many copies of "Meet the Fockers" do we have, Shelly?
Shelly: Six. We still have six!