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Cartman flies around to different polling places around the country, pretending to be a lost child. The reason? To collect enough ballots from the different swing states to make Obama win. The reason? He has a deal with the Chinese where in exchange for Obama winning, he will give the Star Wars franchise to the Chinese. Mickey Mouse finds out and kidnaps Cartman to try and convince him to not give the ballots to the Chinese, and he succeeds by acquiescing to his demand that he play Luke Skywalker's son, Cartman Skywalker.

Meanwhile, Kyle and the gang are out to discover Cartman's plot, threatening Butters, the only one who knew of the plan, to give up the details. They discover that Obama and the Chinese are involved, but they can't find the ballots because Cartman hid them in a place that no one would ever look. Eventually, after a stroke of luck by seeing an ad on TV, Kyle discovers where they are: at the local Hummer dealership. He goes there with the police, but so does Cartman to try and stop them. Eventually, Morgan Freeman – who shows up to explain any convoluted plot – says that the Chinese want Star Wars not for nefarious purposes, but to protect it from Disney exploiting it. So, everyone except for Cartman joins in, and burns the ballots, cementing Obama's victory and saving Star Wars.

South Park
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South Park Season 16 Episode 14 Quotes

Cartman: Pretty sweet, huh?
Kyle: What the hell is this?
Cartman: What's it look like? Hundreds of thousands of votes from all the swing states.
Kyle: I don't believe it.
Cartman: No really, there are states full of swingers. Bunch of perverts if you ask me.

Flight Attendant: Would you like some warm nuts, sir?
Cartman: Haahaha! Warm nuts, she says!