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A scandal has rocked the world, as one of its biggest public figures, a man they looked up to, was revealed to be on HGH when he performed his near-miraculous acts: Jesus. This causes everyone to discard their yellow "WWJD" wristbands, though Stan stands strong by still wearing his. This gets him national recognition for being the only person on Earth to do so, and it eventually sparks his own wristband cause: "STANdstrong." However, the same investigator that brought down Jesus discovers that Stan actually did cut off his wristband and superglued it back together. Stan denies the charges, and says that what he stands for is more important than anything else.

Stan and Jesus wind up going on the hunt first for evidence to bring down the drug investigator as a fraud, but get caught by him in his house. Then, they discover the true source of the wristbands: a Seussian-esque company called Scauses, that creates wristbands for all kinds of what they call "scauses" for people to show support for something without actually doing anything. Eventually, Stan convinces Jesus to answer "What Would Jesus Do?" for himself – so he drinks some HGH, hulks out, and destroys the scauses factory. This leads to Jesus preaching to the people that they should not wear their causes on their wrists, but on their heart – in the form of t-shirts conveying a message.

South Park
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South Park Season 16 Episode 13 Quotes

You know I spent five bucks on that stupid thing?


I don't know what to believe in any more, mmkay!

Mr. Mackey