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-While moonlighting as a body guard, Sammy takes down an armed gunman and becomes a celebrity. Internal Affairs takes over the investigation into Tammy's assault allegations.

-Cooper injures his back while taking down a suspect. It should heal but it makes him think about his career.

-Dewey has a heart attack while chasing a suspect and Cooper performs CPR, saving his life. Turns out he first hurt his back pulling Dewey out of a burning car years before.

-Lydia visits a death row inmate about to be executed. She arrested him and has been corresponding with him for years in the hopes of finding more of his victim's bodies. He tells her that her letters were far more personal and insists she tell him her son's name. She does and he reveals where the bodies are buried before he's killed.

-Ben runs into the guy who used to sell him weed in high school. The guy obviously doesn't know Ben is a cop and gives him his card, telling him his business has expanded.  Ben gives the tip to Narcotics who busts him.

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Southland Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

I miss it. Morons most of all.


There's a common saying among LAPD officers. Leave your job in your locker with your badge and your uniform. It's easier said than done.