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A man is brutally attacked at the bus depot. The attacker is a woman. The man seems to think it is a woman he slept with before, and that she is jealous he gave her a false number. Janice and Jack go and speak to the woman who says it isn't her and has an alibi. The team find a missing persons report for a person fitting the profile of the stalker.

The stalker is in the hairdressers getting a drastic change in appearance. At the close of business, she attacks Sophia, the woman who done her hair. The team tries to link the two victims together, but they are both adamant that they don't know each other. The team goes to see Corey's mother and they find her yearbook, with Henry and Sophia's faces cut out.

Beth hauls them both in for questioning. Sophia still continues that she doesn't know Henry. Beth tricks him and says Sophia came clean, which leads us to the reveal that Sophia's boyfriend, Scott raped both Meg and Corey 16 years ago. This led to Meg dying after various problems with drugs.

Corey attempts to get revenge on Scott but he remembers her and attacks her. Cory gets the better of him and attempts to cut off his penis. He headbutts her and she tries to drown him. She runs off when the police arrive, but is chased down and seized by Beth.

Beth gets revenge for Corey, by digging into his past and finding his DNA on the young rape victim.

Beth informs Tracy about Perry. Tracy moves in with her after being scared. Perry stops Beth and they have an argument, he brings up her horrific past and she confides in Janice.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You think he sought me out to get closer to you?


Janice: Everything ok?
Beth: Yeah, why?
Janice: You're late
Beth: So.
Janice: You're never late.
Beth: I’m fine, thanks janice.