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Beth meets up with Tracy and the talk about what's been happening in Beth's life. Tracy urges her to speak to someone and get help before it's too late. Beth questions her about the alarm code and where she stores it. Beth asks if anyone else had access to her phone and if Brody could have accessed it. She pleads that it's password protected. 

Later, Beth witnesses Tracy kissing Perry and breaks into his apartment and finds the shrine to herself. 

A psychiatrist is convinced a suicidal patient is stalking him. Upon investigating, Janice and Jack find Claudia half dead in a car in a garage and Janice quizzes her from her the hospital. Claudia has mental health problems and makes little sense, but Janice notices bruises on her arm which suggests she was put in the position in the car.

Ben finds a review of Adam online from an old client. It turns out that the old clients partner wrote the reviews and he is having an affair with Adam's wife. His wife, Vanessa has no clue who he is until Jack shows her a picture. Shocked, she comes clean.

Jason tries to kill Adam, but is caught at the last minute.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

This power struggle thing is very one sided.


No, I didn't wanna go. I'll just sit here and do stuff.