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A young woman is taunted by a clown in a costume shop. She is freaked out and goes to see the TAU. It turns out to be her ex boyfriend and his friends doing it as she split up with him. She, and her friend have moved into a house with a deadly past. A professor who originally lived in the house appears to think it is haunted, but it's not. The professor is killed and we find out that the man who apparently died in the house, is actually alive. His wife died. He has been protecting the house ever since, and thinks that anyone entering is there to disturb the peace. 

Perry continues to dig into Beth's past. He uncovers that she used to be called Michelle, and that all of her family died in a fire at the hands of an arsonist. After bumping into him at the Halloween party, she realizes what he is doing. She makes a phone call to check no one has visited a specific patient in a psychiatric hospital. It sounds like he is her stalker.

Janice gets the cold shoulder from Jack after the events of last week. She realizes there is something going on between he and Amanda, and sets out to find the truth.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

My personal life is a screw up, Janice. Always has been.


Janice: I hate clowns.
Jack: I hate Halloween.