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In the opening episode of Stalker we are introduced to Beth, an LAPD agent who leads up TAU. Beth meets her new partner Jack as they begin to try and piece together who a masked assailant is who is stalking his victims before pouring petrol on them and setting them on fire.

The case leads them both to a baker named Larry but when evidence suggests there are two stalkers they swing into action to identify the other one before someone else winds up dead.

Beth is also dealing with a second case about two young men in college. One of them gets obsessed and begins stalking the other which destroys his relationship with his girlfriend and results in his GPA dropping.

The new partner of Beth, Jack is also harboring some dark secrets about his past as it is revealed that he is a stalker and is stalking his ex girlfriend and child.

Beth has also been the victim of stalking in the past. She lives like a victim at night by locking her windows and doors and has a gap between the door and the ground in order to see a persons foot if they are at her door.

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Stalker Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Eric, I know how hard it is but we have to follow the law.


Believe me, I know. I've been through this, much worse than this.