Stan Gets Prodded - Stan Against Evil
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Stan finds Haurus in the hospital. Haurus is the demon formerly known as Judy, and it has a personality a lot like Stan's.

That's because he's not yet at the hospital. He's dreaming. 

Denise wakes him up, gets him to the hospital and after the procedure, Stan is in a comalike state. The doctor and nurse are very odd.

Stan wakes up inside his nightmare with a blonde nurse who is funny as hell. 

The patch thingies holding the wires onto his body have teeth on them. Groovy.

She's yelling at another patient and calling him or her fattie. 

An African American nurse on the ward has his eyes and mouth sewn shut. He smashes Stan against the wall.

When the nonchalant nurse shows the doctor Stan's head wound, the doc calls his time of death. She suggests maybe he just tend to the wound, and doc wants to address it in the morning. She rolls his eyes.

There's a little girl helping out Stan. Stan ultimately decides to sacrifice his life for her and at that time Duquette decides Stan is ready.

The little girl was Haurus all along.

Evie and Denise are trying to say spells with Stan's body in a star circle when Duquette reveals Stan's sacrifice will save will save others the way Stan's wife once saved him. Stan wonders why, and Duquette says it's because he hates Ecchols more than Stan ever could.

Denise hears him saying no through the ether and tries to stop Evie from continuing the spell. Evie and Denise fight over the book, but as Stan gets sucked back into his body, Haurus looks torn up and Duquette smiles and shakes his head. 

Oh shit. Stan is Haurus. Where is Stan?

I don't understand what's happening!!!!!!!

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Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Oscar the Grouch lives in garbage and nobody cares!


Stan: Who's going to the hospital?
Denise: You. You have that thingie where they check your doodad so you don't get the YIKES up your Hellooo!