I Don't Wanna Wait - Stan Against Evil
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Denise and Evie are watching Zack and Cheryl get it on on Vampire Creek.

Stand buts in with words, and then the doorbell rings. Denise won a prize for her Vampire Creek fan fiction!

It's the mirror from Zack's house! And Zack delivered it. What?!

Kevin can't help Denise celebrate because he's taking a class. He wants to do more with his life than dig graves. He wants to dig swimming pools!

While Denise is complaining about her crappy romantic life, she looks into the mirror and puts her hand into it and is sucked into another world! WHAT???

Zack wants to take her to the Jr. Prom at Vampire Creek High School. But it's not so exciting of a prospect. Vampires don't eat Pop Tarts. But they might have a chance of getting voted cutest couple for the yearbook.

Evie and Stan chat in front of the mirror when the phone rings and Stan walks off to answer it.

Evie hears her name in the mirror and gets sucked inside.

Evie gets bitten by a vampire and turns. Zack says the only way Evie can be freed is for Denise to kill her. 

Zack is getting very frustrated by the lack of attention he's receiving from Denise and is starting to pout. Evie looks stunning as a vampire, but he couldn't care less about her. He only has eyes for Denise.

At a party, Evie gets wasted telling the king of the southern realm his name rhymes with fart and dances off like a friggin weirdo.

Stan decides to go into the mirror and finds her in that state. She's full of amazing vampy wisdom.

Kevin uses the same rope trick Stan did and jumps through the mirror.

About that time, Evie begins vomiting up the massive quantities of blood she's been consuming, and Denise is announced Queen of the Damned.

Does Denise want Kevin or Zack??? When Zack gets turned, Denise knows what to do. She kills everyone to return them home and then kills Zack so she can return, too. 

Show's over, folks!

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Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I knew it. Thirty-two years old and she thinks she can stay out all night. Kids these days. No wonder we can't win a war.


Stan: What are you guys watchin'? A goddamned asshole show?
Evie: Vampire Creek.
Denise: It's a show about sexy teen vampires.
Stan: They live in a creek?
Denise: No. It's the name of the town.
Stan: Oh, no. You wanna see a sexy vampire, you gotta, you gotta watch those Hammer films with Ingrid Pit, that British chick with good teeth and a coupla horn-honkin' milk jugs. Oh, I gotta tell ya ... What?