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Open on "an expensive drone shot of a cemetery. Look, it was either the drone shot or a wrap party. Enjoy your f$@#ing drone shot."

Glass breaks in an antique shop. The owner is walking around checking it out. He looks like Colonel Sanders. He finds a baby crib rocking full of toys rocking, and out from it pops a puppet that says "Surprise!" and chaws on his neck. 

Evie and Leon are on the scene when Denise pops in looking for some fermentation puppets for Stan's at-home brewery. She screams in delight when she spots some Marty Nubbins puppets.

Denise and Leon share the history of the puppets and break into song. She likes Marty the best (the killer) and decides to take him home.

When she gets home, Denise discovers Stan wanted fermentation buckets. 

Later, Denise is sleeping peacefully when Marty jumps out of the closet where he is supposed to be sleeping. She screams when she finds him in bed with her and ultimately tosses him in the trash. 

Needless to say, Marty Nubbin is not Oscar the Grouch and doesn't like his new living arrangement.

Stan has given his new product a name, Miller Beer. He's brewed enough to distribute, though, and Evie will have to arrest him. His great, oaky product with a serious kick also has a side effect. He's blind.

Marty moved on over to Kevin's house. Kevin was trying to learn Japanese, and Marty duct taped him to his chair and dug into his ding dong before returning to the antique shop for backup.

Kevin was made deaf by his encounter, and Stan is blind. Once everyone is together at Kevin's, it's a real crap show. 

Marty goes all Chucky on the group and screams for Evie to come out and play-ayyy. An old hippy puppet gets into the room, and Leon unloads his pistol on him even though he was dead with a shot between the eyes.

Evie's gun is in the car, so ... game over, man!

A puppet get being massacred in the garbage disposal, but one gets Leon's ding dong when he heads to the squad car to get two live grenades out of the trunk.

The Nubbins are out in the yard surrounding a satanic star chanting, "No matter who you are, to us you are a shining star." A big hand starts reaching out of the ground. 

Evie is interested in shooting Stan's keg of explosive beer in the car. She hits it and puppets are flying.

Upon impact, Stan can see and Kevin can hear. Woot woot!

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Stan Against Evil
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Stan Against Evil Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I don't need your help. I can see with my ears, like Jesus.


Stan: You changed your shirt.
Denise: I did. How did you know?
Stan: I can smell the different thread count screaming at me like a thousand sirens.